Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Needle felt workshop on Thursday 4. May 2017

You're warmly invited to join this Thursday morning's needle felt workshop 10.00-11.30am in Glasgow-Bishopbriggs.  
Create a flower fairy or other seasonal item. It's fun, creative and rewarding! 
Please secure your place asap: www.laryna.com/contact/
Price: £8.00 for one off and £7 for regular participants. 
Please secure your place asap. www.laryna.com/contact/

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Create a seamless pouch, vessel or wrist cuffs-wet felt workshop

Two separate wet felt workshops on Saturday, 18. March, 1.30-5.00pm and Saturday 22. April 1.30-5.00pm 2017
You'll learn to create a seamless pouch, wrist cuffs or a vessel using colourful sheep’s wool fibres, warm water, soap and friction and felt around a template. It’s great fun to experience the process of wet felting. You’ll start with fluffy soft wool fibres and transform those into a firm, felted, useful item. Craft experience welcome. If wet felting is completely new to you but you have general craft experience, then I recommend to create a small felt item like a pouch. 
This workshop is suitable for children age 10+ with interest in craft and accompanied by an adult. Price per participant: £22 per workshop. 
In case you would like to felt a cover for a mini hot water bottle, then basic felt experience is expected and the price for the workshop would be an extra £3, which means £25 for the workshop, incl. mini hot water bottle.
Max. 4 participants. Please book and pay in advance to secure your place. 
Venue: G64 1QY, Glasgow/Bishopbriggs
More info here:  

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Needle felt workshop on Saturday 19th November 2016, 2.00-4.30pm

We’ll use colourful wool fibres and create something beautiful; an item for seasonal decoration, like a fairy, a gnome, an angel, a robin, a snowman or even a Santa.  Beginners are welcome! Children from 8 years accompanied by an adult are welcome.

The aim of this workshop is:

● to learn needle felting, or improve your needle felt skills.
● to experiment with colours and design
● to take home a unique piece of handmade felt.
At the end of the workshop you will have your own felted item and have learned or improved a new skill. 
No previous experience needed.
It’s fun to get creative in this way and you can easily get hooked! 
Costs: £15 to be payed in advance to secure your place. 
Venue:  Bishopbriggs, 3 minutes walk from town centre
Please contact me to book your place! 
For information about more felt workshops please follow this link

Friday, 9 September 2016

Another wet felted giant Shetland wool beret

From time to time I am asked to felt a giant beret. This time I felted a giant beret for stilt walkers. I used bright brown Shetland fleece. The natural colour is called moorit. I processed the fleece. That means, I washed, teased and carded the wool before I started with the wet felting process, using a circular template.  

The diameter of the template was 43cm. Glycerine soap, hot water and friction are used in the felt process.

I made 3 layers of wool on both sides of the template to felt a strong enough beret.

The first layer of wool on both sides of the template. It's a lot of work, starting from scratch, and it's fun too!

 Here I rub the surface which is covered with a thin net to keep the fibres in place and protect them from sticking to my hand. I love to experience the felt process. Especially when the fibres start to entangle and matt together into a fabric.

    When the wool fibres had matted enough I cut out the opening for the head.
I pulled out the template.
More felting and fulling was needed, by vigorously rolling the fabric in a bamboo mat.
When the beret had shrunk in the fulling process I rinsed out the excessive soap, then spun it in the washing machine and left it to dry. The brim was felted in the similar way as the giant beret, only using a rectangular template
After all felted parts had dried I sew on the brim to the beret.

The beret is ready and has shrunk to 40cm diameter 
I love felting, it's a magical process of transformation from fluffy wool into a sturdy fabric!